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Group Courses

Our Group Courses!

We teach in small groups consisting of 4 to a maximum of 8 participants.

Together with other motivated students, you learn in a relaxed atmosphere. Our placement test ensures that all the members of the group are at the same level.

Small Groups!

The low number of participants in our group courses guarantees intensive training, where you have many opportunities to actively speak and the trainer can respond to every issue and offer continuous support. Large groups, based on our experience, are ineffective - you need substantially longer time to reach the same goal.
Continuous Training!

Our group courses run continuously. That means, your course does not just end after a few months but keeps going.

This guarantees you the greatest possible continuity and contributes considerably to the effectiveness of the training. You do not have to constantly get used to new groups and trainers but can logically and systematically continue exactly where you left off the last time. At the same time, you remain completely flexible. You have no long-term obligation. You can quit anytime you would like to. You only need to give us 6-weeks notice.

Intensive Courses! Fast and effective!

Our intensive courses are ideal for anyone seeking quick success in the shortest possible time.

During the course you will converse in a foreign language with a native trainer for many hours every day. Your learning will be very concentrated and intensive and you will make rapid advances. By the end of the course, you will have notably improved your knowledge of the language in all areas.

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 Small groups! More effective training!
Kleine Gruppen! Effektiveres Training!
You only learn effectively in small groups. We limit the number of participants in our courses - for your best interests.
 Friendly atmosphere!

Our trainers are highly motivated professionals who, in a friendly and suitable atmosphere, will help you achieve your goals in the foreign language.

Our course participants come from different parts of the world. The small, motivated groups make learning fun.