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Kids Programme


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United Languages® Children's Programme!

English, Spanish and French - for children starting at 3 years!

  • Playschool
  • Courses for school children
  • Leipzig International Camp during the summer break
  • Courses for kindergartens, schools and other institutions


How important is your child's future?

"Three things remain from paradise:
stars, flowers and children!"
Dante Alighieri, 1265 - 1321

Would you like your child to speak fluent English, Spanish or French? Children are already learning their mother tongue very early and totally naturally. Before they are one year old, they can understand and react to a number of sentences, at 12 - 15 months most speak their first words. Following the same principles, children can learn a second or third language.
An advantage for life!

The earlier your child starts, the easier it is to learn and so the better the result. We recommend, when possible, starting with classes before the age of 10. Beginning prior to the age of 7 is especially good. Never again can children learn so much, so effectively as in early childhood - and all that, completely naturally and effortlessly!
An exciting voyage into a new world!

No child is overextended. Or have you come to believe that your child can be overextended learning their native language? Small children learn languages intuitively - they figure out the rules themselves and speak the language perfectly without worrying about grammar or vocabulary. Children keep what they learn at this age for their entire lives. This window of opportunity soon closes.  Once missed, it can only be learnt through hard effort and with a less successful result. The foreign language will not be laid down in the same region of the brain as the native language. A new network must first be created, making learning more difficult.
Learn language by playing!

English is fun! That is how we present our courses: the children play, create, sing, do handicrafts, paint, listen to stories, act and play games, talk with us in the new language and, above all else, they have fun!

They learn the language by heart and in its natural context - without noticing the different concepts or making an exceptional effort. So, we do not just encourage the development of language but the total development of your child.
And that is why United Languages® Sprachinstitut!

Quality and the right age-oriented support are essential when starting to learn a foreign language early on in life. United Languages® Sprachinstitut encourages the natural desire of children to learn through early intensive support in a foreign language.

  • Playful, natural and with a lot of fun!
  • Comprehensive, age-oriented and utilising all the senses! Encouraging the complete development of your child.
  • Cognitive, experience-based, interactive!
  • Friendly, stimulating and trusting atmosphere!
  • Groups for small children with 4 to 8 children per course!
  • Native speakers only guaranteed from the beginning on!

Deutsch English  
 Give your child the chance!
If you arrange a group with a minimum of 6 children (in our institute) or 8 children (in your kindergarten), your child participates for free during the first 6 months.
 An advantage for life!
An advantage for life!
All course instructors are native speakers. This is especially important with young children in order to achieve the optimal results.
 For children starting at 3 years!
The earlier your child starts, the easier the language is and the better the result. We recommend starting with courses at least before the age of 10.
 Learning by playing!
Kids Programme
Early language education with United Languages is the perfect way for your child to learn English, French and/or Spanish at a high level following a proven method.
 Learning with all senses!
Children play, create, sing, paint, listen to stories, act and play games, talk to us in the new language and, above all, they have fun!